We are passionate about understanding the market and its mechanisms

The APPIA Automotive Group is always passionate about serving all customers – B2C and B2B. Institutions, companies, collectors, builders, many traditional but also new, up-and-coming brands are among them. We understand the needs and emotions of our target groups. We are part of the classic car community.

APPIA understands the classic mobility market based on years of experience from the different perspectives of our companies APPIA AUTOMOTIVE GROUP, CLASSIC DEPOT, CLASSICSREPAIR and AUTOMOBILE MEILENSTEINE – not only the market participants, but above all the market mechanisms. We can therefore provide you with the best possible support in establishing business models, realising access and setting up partnerships.


Thanks in part to its association with AUTOMOBILE MEILENSTEINE, the APPIA Automotive Group not only has more than 10 years of expertise in mobility events (excursions, rallies, track days, presentations, driving training sessions and much more), but is also the only event agency in Germany with its own fleet of 25 classic cars. In addition to events for third parties, we have also been successfully organising our own formats for years, such as PISTA & PILOTI.

The classic car scene consists of a large number of different personalities and minds. Our large network always offers you the right expertise and suitable access to the target groups.


We turn atmospheric properties into a home for automotive dreams. We develop concepts for the use of historic buildings as classic car garages, museums or special venues for events and catering. We take care of the planning and coordination with architects and clients, bringing every construction project to a conclusion that will amaze guests and customers alike.



The APPIA Automotive Group operates special parking spaces for classic cars throughout Germany. With passion, high standards and an eye for detail, we create special places for special people and their vehicles. In our classic car workshops in Frankfurt and Munich, we take care of the maintenance and repair of historic vehicles of all makes.

A brand’s own history is becoming increasingly important as a value and can be successfully utilised as a central differentiating feature in increasingly substitutable product worlds. Using the past to emotionally charge the future – that is our core competence.


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