Grand Opening – Classic Depot Vienna

CLASSIC DEPOT Vienna is ready for the first tenants to move in. In the last 15 years, some project developers already turned their gaze to Vienna to build a unique themed center around classic automobiles and enthusiast vehicles. Meilenwerk, Motorworld, Klassikstadt Frankfurt, they all wanted to, but didn’t do it.

Clemens Stiegholzer finally dared. He actually only wanted to expand his paint shop / tinsmith shop, but then it became CLASSIC DEPOT Vienna. Together with Appia Development (brand owner / concept / advice / communication CLASSIC DEPOT – Christian Schamburek) Clemens Stiegholzer has now completed the first CLASSIC DEPOT in Austria.

There are 100 permanent parking spaces with the highest safety standards, ventilated, air-conditioned and 24-hour reception. In addition to the parking spaces, there are also workshop areas, offices and restaurants on the four levels.

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