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Pista & Piloti – Please, start your engines

The event was created by APPIA founder Marco Wimmer. The premiere took place in 2015 on the grounds of the Klassikstadt Frankfurt.

Meanwhile, the event for historical, Italian sports and racing cars and their former competitors is at home on the racetracks of the former airfield in Pferdsfeld and serves as an extraordinary marketing platform for the traditional Italian manufacturer under the label “Gran Premio Alfa Romeo”.

The pilots can expect a unique driving event in an exclusive and familiar atmosphere. 180 spectacular racing vehicles from the 1920s to 90s are at the start. In addition to the spectacular action on the racetrack, where the drivers don’t take it easy, the lounge area inspires with Italian serenity and a high quality of stay. The format is atmospherically unparalleled.

Historic sports cars in their natural surroundings

Helmet on, engines on and visor down: well over 100 classic Italian sports and racing cars together with previous competitors on a traditional race track. Racing like in the 60s …

After the two successful kick-off events in 2018 and 2019 at the Michelstadt airfield, PISTA & PILOTI moved to the former air field Pferdsfeld in 2020. A test site for the automotive industry with a historic racetrack past opens its gates for us and provides a rollercoaster track that is wonderfully embedded in nature.


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